Pop-A-Lot Box – Lollipop Collection


The First Lollipop

Who knew that the wonderful, fabulous, and fun lollipop of today started as a medicine made with boiled sugar! Boiled sugars like stain glass candies of the 1700s became lozenges in the 1800s. Some medicine-makers added fun flavors instead to create hard candies. Civil War era kids stuck a pencil in their hard candies to make the first lollipop.

Why The Name Lollipop?

Lollipop… why the name? The answer might surprise you… “Lolly” was a race horse in the early 1900s and “pop” was the sound when you eat a lollipop. In 1924, a salesman named his lollipop the “Dum-Dum” thinking kids would remember the name – and he was right!

You’ll Never Guess the Sugar Daddy’s Original Name…

The Sugar Daddy is a caramel-lovers dream, all caramel, nothing but caramel. Believe it or not, the caramel Sugar Daddy was first made in 1927, under the improbable name of the “Papa Sucker.” Fortunately, candy-maker James O. Welch Co. changed the name. Sugar Mamas and Sugar Babies followed, creating a whole caramel candy family.

What’s in the Box?

This box contains a fun and flavorful collection of retro lollipops. Enjoy a sampling of your favorite lollipops or share with friends and family! A great gift for any occasion. Keepsake tag with history and historic image included!

Watch this Video from Candy Historian Susan Benjamin on Lollipops!

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