Peach Stones - History of Candies from True Treats Historic Candy - True Treats Historic Candy

Peach Stones, Cherry Flavored Candy


A Bit of History

Among the many medicines of old were the boiled sugars, containing horehound, lemon and other ingredients we now mainly consider flavorings. In the mid-1800s with the rise of the tasty and inexpensive candies, medicines found a new life as drops. These drops are from Mrs. Spencer’s shop. So, why are cherry-flavored drops called “peach stones?” It could be that in the past, people actually used peach stones in cooking. The flavor was cherry-like. Today, the peach stones are considered toxic, but the name remains. Actually cherry in flavor- these original hard candies are full of fruity, sweet goodness! Come from the first candy company in U.S. history. Each bag contains 6 ounces in a recyclable bag with the story on the label.

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