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Nik-L-Nip Sticks-Wax from the Past


Wax bottles that can be chewed, delicious liquid candy inside–Nik L Nips are fun for adults who remember and kids who discover them today! One pack contains five different flavors. Call if you’d like individual pieces for parties and other events.

A Bit of History

A classic prohibition era candy- made by the makers of Wax Lips, “Nik” for a nickel and “Nip” for the appearance of a nip of whiskey.  The wax was made of paraffin wax, the remains of oil production which, believe it or not, originated in Pennsylvania. The oldest piece of gum ever found was chewed tree resin from about 9,000 years ago (or longer). People have chewed resins throughout history- the first American chewing gum was made of spruce resin. The Nik-L-Nips and other wax gums were early entries into the non-resin commercial chewing gums. Comes with seven sticks and the history on the label.


What's Next?

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