Margarita Rimming Sugar Trio- All-natural, 3 fabulous rimming sugars, sweet, tart & botanical. Festive and unusual. Comes w/ spoon, & historic picture & story on card.


Where Did the Margarita Come From?

While the origin of the margarita is a mystery, the stories surrounding the creation of the drink have one common thread – fascinating women. A former Ziegfeld dancer allergic to all other spirits except tequila, Marjorie King. Popular Mexican showgirl Rita de la Rosa. Celebrated jazz singer Peggy Lee. All of these women are possible muses for the much-enjoyed 1930s cocktail.

Our Margarita Sugars

Sip and savor the sweet, tart, and botanical flavors of our margarita sugars – each inspired by a possible margarita muse. Marjorie’s Mango Raspberry Sugar, Rita’s Rose Flower Sugar, and Ms. Lee’s Lemon Lime Sugar. Enjoy as a rimming sugar for the perfect margarita or in mixed drinks, teas, lemonade… on top of sugar cookies – the possibilities are endless!

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