Ice Blue Mints


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Retro Hard Candy Started As Medicine?!

Who knew? Hard candies originated as throat lozenges and treats. The boiled sugars of the 1600s evolved into drops in the 1700s – and course stain glass. By the mid to late 1800s, familiar hard candies were all the rage. By the turn of the century and beyond, these beloved candies found their way into your grandmother’s purse or prominently featured in her candy dish alongside anise squares, butterscotch disks, starlight mints, clove balls, and others.

Remember Ice Blue Mints? You Asked, We Found Them!

Not too much information is known about this vibrant blue peppermint candy, but we believe they were first made by Brachs, in a more defined shape. They no longer make them in their original packing & form, but you can still enjoy them in a perfectly sphere ball. It’s the perfect combination of peppermint and nostalgia. Our Facebook friends asked and we found them!

Watch this Video from Candy Historian Susan Benjamin on Ice Blue Mints!

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