Hot Chocolate Mix – 1700s Traditional & 1900s Modern


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Hot chocolate originated with the Europeans of the 1700s. For the Aztecs before them, chocolate was a cold drink made with chili, vanilla and other flavorings. As now, chocolate was a drink of health and vitality and an inspiration for love.


To Make Traditional Hot Chocolate

In a mug, place one tablespoon of cacao powder and honey or cane sugar, plus traditional cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and chili to taste. Add little hot milk or water. Stir rapidly to mix the powder and create a froth. Top the mix with more hot milk or water, and stir. Enjoy right away.


Modern Hot Chocolate

Add a teaspoon or two to hot milk or water and stir. Enjoy with newer topping, such as marshmallow, or peppermint bits, or old-style cinnamon, vanilla, and ever chili.

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