HAPPY BIRTHDAY Botanical Bliss Tea Sampler, with 6 select teas!


Say “Happy Birthday” and wish the birthday person a healthy year ahead with the six teas in this unique True Treats’ botanical collection: Jasmine, Rose, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Dandelion and Marigold…plus honey sticks for extra sweetness. We picked each selection for their medicinal and health-related value. AND – each box contains two of True Treats’ signature cards: a Happy Birthday message and a special Botanical Tea card telling the story of each tea. PLUS – the birthday package will include our Botanical Tea Guide summarizing the value of 31 teas and ways to use them. Perfect for the tea lover!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Botanical Bliss Tea Sampler, with 6 select teas known for their health and medicinal value PLUS a birthday card, and a box card describing each selection. AND don’t forget our Tea Lovers’ Guide! At True Treats ONLY

Ancient Beginnings

Botanicals have always been exuberant in their display of life and their gift to the living, used since antiquity as a curative tea. Jasmine – fragrant and esteemed, was thought to improve health and strengthen the immune system. The Biblical rose flower and hibiscus bring calm and sweet dreams and chamomile endowed with healing properties.

Botanicals in the Americas

Grown by settlers and gathered by the Apache, dandelion cleansed the blood. America’s great culinary secret – dandelion was used by Civil War soldiers. In Mesoamerica, Aztecs revered marigolds as the apex of magic and healing. Comes with ageless honey.

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