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All-Time Delightful Gummy Collection


The ultimate gummy collection for gummy lovers young and old! A flavorful mix of authentic 10th century Turkish delight and its descendants: gummy bears, gummy worms,  jelly beans, Swedish Fish, gum drops, and more. Comes in a variety of fruit flavors everyone knows and loves! 6 oz recyclable heat-sealed bag with the history on the label.

A Bit of History

The Gummi Bears were made in Germany in 1921, named for the dancing bears of the previous century, much admired by the inventor. It used a base that originated with the 10th century Turkish Delight, used to ease a sore throat. Other candies that evolved from the Turkish delight are the gummy worms, gum drops, and Swedish Fish, the first vegan “gummy” candy since the Turkish delight, made in the 1970s in Sweden.

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