Retro Sweetheart Candies


Retro Sweethearts (AKA Conversation Hearts) Started As… NECCO Wafers?!

The Sweetheart candy were made in the mid-1800s by Daniel Chase, a confectioner who invented a machine that stamped sayings onto candy. Previously, the sayings were long and printed on paper wrapped around the sweet – then called “Wedding Candy”. In case the taste is familiar – Daniel’s brother, Oliver, invented the “Chase Lozenge” AKA Hub Wafer in 1847, now known as the NECCO wafer.  Originally made as a medicine. Comes in a 4-ounce bag with the history on the label.

Want to try the classic Sweetheart Conversation Hearts in a whole new way?

Try our recipe for a Cotton Candy Cocktail with Sweethearts!

Cotton Candy Cocktail with Sweethearts


Cotton Candy

True Treats Strawberry Sugar


Sparkling Water

Sweethearts (or Necco Wafers!)


Rim a cocktail glass with strawberry sugar. Add a handful of cotton candy to the glass. Pour two shots of vodka and sparking water to taste on top of the cotton candy. Add a few Sweethearts (or crushed Necco Wafers) to the glass and serve with a cotton candy garnish! You can make a kid friendly or non-alcoholic version of this cocktail by omitting the vodka and using only sparkling water.


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