Chocolate Walk Sampler Box


A Chocolate Walk Through History…

Enjoy a delicious walk through chocolate history, from ancient history through Let’s start with the ancients – and cacao nibs straight from the tree. Fast forward to nonpareils — a version of these appeared in the 1700s, grittier and not as sweet as this decadent late 1800s version.

Chocolate in the 1800s

Next it’s the Wilbur Buds — the dark came first, and the milk followed. Made with Daniel Peter’s chocolate, the first milk chocolate (1875) which was made with help from Peters’ neighbor, Henri Nestle. Malted Milk, a favorite of explorers, the military, and athletes, originated in the 1880s and got a chocolate shell around the 1930s. The sumptuous truffle made a splash in the mid-1800s and became more and more stylized ever since.

1900s – Chocolate for All!

In 1912, the chocolate bar appeared in England, no nuts or fillers. Chocolate bars took off in 1917 with “combination” candy bars enjoyed by WWI soldiers. Plenty more followed in the 1920s-1930s. The turn-of-century brought peppermint patties, peanut butter cups, and other filled chocolates. Don’t forget chocolate covered fruit and nuts aka bridge mix (early 1900s) popular with bridge players who could snack with one hand and hold cards with the other. Soon, chocolate came in endless sizes with endless fillings, even mini-chocolates. Don’t forget white chocolate which first appeared in the 1940s – not officially chocolate but originally from the same tree.

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