Chocolate Covered Retro Twinkies


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Twinkies… Everyone’s Favorite Snack!

The infamous snack treat was likely invented in NYC in 1849 but took off in 1930 in Illinois, with banana cream filling. And the name? It was inspired by a billboard advertisement for “Twinkle Toe Shoes” the sweet’s creator saw in St. Louis. The Twinkie’s roots go back to the 1700s sponge cake. The vanilla cream appeared during WWII as bananas were rationed.

Do Twinkies Really Last Forever?!

Despite the persistent rumors about Twinkies remaining fresh for decades, they actually had a very short shelf life! Originally only good for about a week, after disappearing briefly from the market they made a return with an extended shelf life of about 45 days. Ours are dipped in handmade milk chocolate. Sold individually.

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