Caveman Candy Box


The First Treats – Roots, Fruits… and Flowers!

For most of history, food came directly from land, sea, and sky. Sugar, vital to human survival, came from numerous sources, such as barks and roots, boiled or chewed to clean the teeth and heal numerous ailments.  Fruits also supplied sugar, whether fresh or dry. All parts of the fruit were used, including peels and berries. Flowers, such as rose flowers, were widely eaten or boiled, as were a large variety of leaves.

What Was the First Candy in Recorded History?

Other ancient foods appear as candy today. Tree resin was chewing gum, the oldest sample dating back 9,000 years. Mastic resin is the first chewing gum in written history, thought to heal dental problems and cleanse the blood. The first candy in history known to be made was sesame and honey—an early brittle.

Wait, Insects as Treats?!

Seeds, nuts, and beans found their way into modern sweets, such as cacao beans, initially used as a drink, and watermelon, squash, and sunflower seeds, three seeds native to North America. Nuts and fruits together formed a healthy combination while another ancient food appears in today’s candy, on purpose or not: bugs! Crickets, worms, and other insects, all considered healthful since the beginning of time.


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