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Caramel Through the Ages

Explore caramel through the ages starting with the originals. Delicious all-American caramels and the caramel marshmallow aka “caramel biscuit” or modjeska circa 1883, made when caramels and marshmallows were new! The turn of the century saw caramel as penny candy with Coconut Longboys and Goetze’s Caramel Creams.

You’ll Never Guess the Sugar Daddy’s Original Name…

The Sugar Daddy is a caramel-lovers dream, all caramel, nothing but caramel. Believe it or not, the caramel Sugar Daddy was first made in 1927, under the improbable name of the “Papa Sucker.” Fortunately, candy-maker James O. Welch Co. changed the name and soon after added the now discontinued Sugar Mama and the still popular Sugar Babies.

Retro (and Boozy!) Caramel Classics

The 1940s saw caramel cubes, perfectly square and perfectly caramel. Midcentury bourbon caramels and the baby of them all – chocolate bourbon caramels with salt – round off this caramel timeline. Keepsake card with the history included in every box.

Caramel Gift Box… brought to you by the nation’s ONLY researched-based historic candy company. Our founder, Susan Benjamin, is author of numerous articles, even a book on the subject (her tenth) on Smithsonian’s Best Books About Food. Everything you get from True Treats is the best possible, most delicious version of her scholarly research – and Caramel Gift Box is no exception. True Treats products are sold in museum gift stores across the county. Enjoyed in homes everywhere!


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