Candy Bar Classics


Candy Bars Go To War

Combination candy bars first reached consumers in 1912. A few years later, they went to war with the Doughboys of World War I who came home proclaiming their joys. Candy bars were an instant hit – and why wouldn’t they be?

The Postwar Candy Bar Boom

By the 1930s, up to 100,000 candy bars were on the market, most only available regionally. Cherry Mash, Peanut Chews, Peanut Butter Cups… and so many more found their way into American homes, movie theaters, and lunchboxes. Although the number of candy bars on the market has dwindled, they remain a beloved on-the-go snack or mini-indulgence. Our candy bar classics collection contains snack sized versions of some of your favorites. Selection may vary based on availability.

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