Blessed Thistle Tea


Enjoy blessed thistle – a bitter-tasting tea that pairs well with other teas, such as chamomile. It’s also popular as a flavoring for alcoholic beverages and is used as a tonic infusion or tincture, herbal bitters and aperitif digestive.


The plant is actually from the daisy family but was cultivated by monastery monks in the Middle Ageas. For that reason, and the fact that the thistle was long thought to cure everything from the Black Plague to headaches, the plant is also called “holy thistle” and “St. Benedict thistle.”


Comes with three ounces in a glass jar, with one of true Treats’ exclusive tea guides. Use one or two teaspoons to hot water or blend with our herbs and spices to taste.


We at  True Treats love to research history. We aren’t doctors and can’t vouch for the medicinal value of our teas but can tell you how people once used them. Have questions? Consult your doctor. Want to know more about history or flavor? Contact us!


First used in Ayurvedic medicine, blessed thistle eventually made its way to Europe. By the early sixteenth century, it had gained footing in European folk medicine and was cultivated widely in monastery gardens. Even the famous poet Shakespeare mentioned blessed thistle in his play Much Ado About Nothing.


Spiritually, blessed thistle is associated with purification and therefore used in purification baths. It is also believed that wearing a bit of it would protect one from evil. Further, it was associated with the planet Mars, the zodiac sign of Aries, and the element fire. Mostly, though, blessed thistle was popular in Medieval England, where King Charlemagne was supposedly visited by an angel revealed that everything from headaches and poor memory to the black plague and smallpox.



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