Biblical Carob Nibs - a tea or snack. - True Treats Historic Candy - True Treats Historic Candy

Biblical Carob Nibs – a tea or snack.


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The carob nib is composed of the ground up pieces of the hard shell of the pod – a crunchy texture with an earthy chocolate flavor go as a topping, added to smoothies, or an ingredient in different recipes. The majestic evergreen carob tree can grow to 50 feet tall and live for 100 years. It is draped with long, pleasant tasting pods – the outer shell, not the hard inner seeds, are edible. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the carob was eaten by the ancient peoples and fed to their livestock. Many believe carob is “St. John’s Bread” – the food St. John the Baptist ate in the desert. Comes in an apothecary bottle with a cork top.

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