BBQ Peanuts


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Peanuts Are from South America… Who Knew?

Our barbecue peanuts are delightfully crisp and satisfying! The perfect on-the-go snack. But what about the history? Who knew – peanuts started in Argentina, travelled to Asia and Africa, and then returned to the Americas! Enjoyed raw, boiled, & deep fried with various herbs and spices for flavoring… and later candy coated, in the case of Boston Baked Beans!

What is Bridge Mix, Anyway?

Peanuts were among the first movie snacks in theaters – usually brought from home. Chocolate covered peanutsalmonds, and raisins were a popular theater snack as well as a hit with card players. Bridge players in the 1920s – 1950s sat around tables for entire evenings, obsessed with their favorite game. Put down their cards to eat? Forget it! That’s where bridge mix was handy – pieces so small they could snack with one hand and hold their cards with the other.

8 oz – Comes with a label with an historic image on the front and the story on the back!

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