Astro Pops


Wait, Astro Pops Were Invented By Rocket Scientists?!

The Astro Pop is unlike any lollipop experience! Believe it or not, Astro Pops were originally made by two rocket scientists in the 1960s who left their job to create this distinctive candy. The pair designed the lollipop to look like a three-stage rocket, and not surprisingly they also built by hand the equipment to manufacture these unique treats.

Retro Astro Pops – Space Age Fun!

Astro Pops are just one of many retro candies to look to rocket ships and outer space for inspiration. From the fizz and pop of Zotz and Pop Rocks to the flying saucer shaped satellite wafers, the space age was a boom for unique candies. As for the Astro Pop, although the original manufacturing process is no longer in use, the Astro Pop’s three-tiered design is still made with its original delicious flavors – pineapple, passionfruit, and cherry. Sold individually.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions6 × 1 in

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