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Astro Pops- From Rocket Scientists


The Astro Pop is unlike any lollipop experience. Smooth, colorful and pointed, made to look like a rocket ship but most definitely fruity and good. They’re a fun treat – all the more so when you know the history!

A Bit of History

The Cold War was a time of rockets exploding into space and nuclear bombs igniting in movies, TV shows and political debates. UFO sightings were everywhere – from farm fields to urban settings. Candy – being candy – made the most of it. Explosive candy. Rocket shaped pops. And plenty of fizz. But the Astro Pop was one step outside of the crowd. It was actually made by two rocket scientists from California who quit their jobs working for NASA to make a rocket-shaped lollipop. The colors said it all: red for the flame upon take-off; green for the space junk; and yellow for the long capsule circling in space.

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