Biblical Sampler Box – Biblical Teas, Honeys, Fruit & Nuts


The Botanicals of the Bible

Botanical flavors of the Bible still live among us today, valued for their delicious taste, curative powers, and meaning this Easter. These include the fragrant herbs, lavender and hibiscus, brewed as tea, used as flavorings in cooking, and added to drinks, whether juices or alcohols. Enjoy with honey – whether drawn for bees, as most of us think, or from traditional fruit syrups – whether pomegranate, date, or grape.  These syrups have long been considered healthy and can be used with today’s favorites such as in teas, on ice cream, in smoothies, and on baked goods as well as French toast and pancakes.  Also enjoy with the packet of raisins and almonds: the grapes (raisins) mentioned more often than any other fruits in the Bible and the almond.  Almond bark was the Staff of Moses in Exodus. The beautiful almond flower was the first to bloom in the Mediterranean and Middle East and was long thought to be a symbol of good beginnings. Comes with a True Treats Easter card!


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