Retro Timeline Box with Birthday Card


Dynamic Candy for a Dynamic Century

Known as “retro” candy, “old time candy” or “vintage” candy, the assortment of 20th century candy is as dynamic and surprising as the century itself. Think about it – the 20th century started with horse-drawn carriages and ended with rockets in space. The Industrial Revolution became just industry and air travel became an everyday event! Give the gift of the retro period with everything from Zotz to Boston Baked Beans. Comes with 12 samples, plus a keepsake tag with an authentic retro image on the front and the stories on the back. PLUS – the BIRTHDAY CARD of your choice. Selection may very depending on availability, but always retro and always right!



The Early Candy: The Makings of Retro


In the early 1900s, the early chewing gums took on new forms, with the first bubblegum. Candy bars debuted in WWI rations and was favorite of Doughboys, who proclaimed everything from the candy bars’ taste to its texture. The 1920s brought Gummy Bears, invented in Germany, which launched an entire line of sweets that evolved throughout the 1900s.


Peanut Butter, Toffee, and… Baked Beans?


Peanut Butter filled candy evolved in the early 1900s with the invention of peanut butter cups and Buckeyes, which resembled the nut of Ohio’s state tree, the filbert, which in turn, looked like a buck’s eye. The 1920s brought a toffee explosion, with favorites like the Heath Bar & Bit O’ Honey. In the 1930s, movie theater candy rolled on the scene, such as Mike and Ikes, licorice laces, and Boston Baked Beans, neither from Boston (actually, Pittsburgh) nor beans (made of peanuts).


The 1950s and Beyond – Old Time Candy Meets “Boom and Pop”


In the 1950s, the nation fixated on extraterrestrials and all things with BOOM and POP. Enter Satellite Wafers, made by a communion wafer maker in the 1950s, and later Zotz. Candy entered other foods, such as Lucky Charms marshmallow bits, in 1963, which started as the 1800s Circus Peanuts. How things change! Plenty of chocolate-filled candies, some alcohol-related, won the hearts of candy lovers throughout the 20th century with infusions of rum, wine, and bourbon flavors… and the real thing, too!


Old Time, Retro, or Vintage?


No matter what you call it, 20th century candy is full of wonder and is here to stay! This collection box provides a taste of the 20th century starting in the early 1900s and ending in the 1990s – complete with a keepsake tag.


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