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Interview with CBC Radio



Houston Radio Interview

So – here’s an interview I did recently with a radio syndicate in Houston…Here’s the thing: it’s not edited (yet)- no music before or after, no intro. The producer sent me the raw copy. The finished version will go out to a number of stations…but I think this is much cooler.



KCUR 89.3 FM

NPR Interview with Susan Benjamin on nostalgic treats and how candy shaped the United States



Susan on The Splendid Table:

Susan Benjamin, founder of True Treats Candy and author of Sweet as Sin, explains the history of candies like Necco Wafers and Circus Peanuts.

Listen to the broadcast here!

South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Dakota Midday: Sugar And Slavery? Susan Benjamin On Candy History.

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WFUV Radio, 90.7 FM

CITYSCAPE: SWEET AS SIN. What do Tootsie Rolls, Jujubes and Hot Tamales all have in common? They’re candies that originated right here in New York City. On this week’s Cityscape we’re taking a bite into candy history.

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ABC News Radio Tune In

Susan’s been featured on the following stations and syndications:

  • McGraw and Kelly on KTRS in St. Louis
  • Bill Wills on WTAM in Cleveland
  • Mark Garrison on WBT in Charlotte
  • Brian Nehman on WBAL in Baltimore
  • Gregg and Manda on KOMO in Seattle
  • Gil Gross on KKSF in San Francisco
  • Tom Bernard on KQRS in Minneapolis
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