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Raspberry Leaf Tea?  

An unexpected pleasure known to cure everything from stomach aches to painful pregnancies. Tastes a lot like black or green tea, with a brownish hue. Making raspberry leaf tea is the same as most other botanical teas. Here’s what you do:

  • Add one tea bag – or a teaspoon-tablespoon of raspberry leaves to taste
  • Pour in boiling water
  • Let steep for up to 15 minutes. The longer, the stronger.

Yes – you can refrigerate the tea and drink it later over ice. Blends perfectly with iced mint tea.



Whether you love raspberry leaf tea as is or want to dress up the taste, here are some popular add-ons.

  • Mint Tea
  • Honey with or without lemon
  • Lemon with or without honey
  • Coconut milk (About ¼ cup per serving)
  • Light cream or milk to taste
  • Amber Beet Sugar Crystals
  • White or Brown Sugar Chunks
  • Fresh orange juice
Amber Beet Sugar
Perfect Sweetener for Raspberry Leaf Tea


In the mood for something a little stronger? Raspberry Leaf Tea Could Be a Must at Your Next Cocktail Party!

Add to mint juleps, tequila sunrise, screwdrivers, or anything else that deserves a bit more folly in the fun.



           Cocktail Dress, 1937