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What Dad Really Wants? He-Man Sweets
What better Father’s Day gift for Dad than true he-man candy. The he-man candy is even suitable for men in touch with their feminine side: the range is far enough to suit virtually any testosterone- touched palette.
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New! Gummy Cola
A little known fact: the gummy candy started life as the Turkish Delight – a medicine used for sore throat around 900CE – and is a cousin to the Chuckles and jelly bean. Our question: which new gummy should we introduce at the store?
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The Story of Hate and Love
Throughout my career as a candy researcher, I have encountered much love – candy that grandparents gave to grandchildren, parents gave to their kids, lovers gave to each other. I’ve also encountered hate through the realities of the displacement of Naive Americans, the enslavement of African Americans, and the horrors of the spice trade, to Read More
The Almost-Astonishing Story of Chocolate Covered Peppermint Candy
From Ice Cream Cones to a Retro Candy Favorite As you may remember, in my previous blog “The Almost-Astonishing Story of Chocolate Covered Peppermint Candy” I revealed the ascent of the peppermint pattie from Henry C. Kessler’s first ever smooth-and-creamy filled York Peppermint Pattie to the Welsh-Brothers’ Junior Miss nine years later.
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Cinnamon Tree
What is this gnarled tree? Today we know it well – we use its bark as a flavoring and garnish which we associate with love, comfort and fun.
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