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Valentine’s Day – Sweet and Sexy
Valentine’s Day sweets are older and more remarkable than taste reveals, some originating thousands of years ago to celebrations of fertility and sex. One example is the quintessential heart-shaped candy box.
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Black Music Month
We cannot let June slip by without acknowledging Black Music M onth and the remarkable contribution of black musicians to our culture, our history, and, dare I say, our candy.  Here are three of our favorites:   James P.
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July 4th: Marshmallows, Patriots and Our First Founders
July 4th is fast approaching and we Americans toast marshmallows, set off fireworks, and have an overall great time honoring the founders of our nation. True Treats Historic Candy is right onboard, ready to celebrate the brave, difficult and enduring contributions of our forefathers and mothers like nobody’s business!
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Potato Candy
The potato candy is quickly rising to the best seller list at the shop. Our customers have two reactions to this Americanized German immigrant.
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